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More in Movies: Dramas

  • Journey to the End of the Night

    Two Americans in exile—Rosso (Scott Glenn) and his son, Paul (Brendan Fraser)—have been carving out a living in Brazil running a nightclub-brothel, but they both harbor dreams of getting out of the business once and for all.

    CONKApril 26, 2017
  • Mrs. Dalloway

    While the story unfolds on a beautiful summer’s day in London in 1923, Clarissa Dalloway recalls a summer in the country, in 1890, when she was young and beautiful and very much courted.

    CONKApril 24, 2017
  • A Snow Globe Christmas

    A cynical, overworked TV executive rants about how the Christmas movies she produces lie. Upset, she flings a heavy snow globe which bonks her on the head, knocking her out. She wakes up in a perfect snow-covered town like the one in the globe.

    CONKApril 24, 2017