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More in Movies: Horror-Suspense

  • Wax

    A journalist spends a night recording events at Barcelona’s Wax Museum, where paranormal activities seem to be taking place. The museum is full of wax figures, including Dr. Knox, a sadistic, cannibal surgeon. The journalist senses he is not alone…

    CONKJune 24, 2017
  • Autopsy: A Love Story |

    Kings of Horror presents: Autopsy: A Love Story The world of the dead is the world of Charlie Bickle, a lonely man that searches for love wherever he can. His friends are the John and Jane Does of the city that he collects for the county coroner. These are the nameless people that everyone has

    CONKJune 24, 2017
  • Confine

    Years after a horrific accident turns model Pippa into an agoraphobic shut-in, she finds herself host to a terrifying home invasion. Soon, Pippa is forced to face her worst fears as she discovers just how neurotic and sadistic her unwelcome guests truly are.

    CONKJune 23, 2017