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  • Day of Reckoning

    After being injured in a fight, Ben is nursed back to health by Matsou and his wife Hatoya. In return, Ben gives the two Indians land on the Ponderosa to settle and farm. Their new lives face dangerous resistance from Matsou’s brother and a neighbor.

    CONKOctober 19, 2011
  • The Spitfire

    Joe tries to stop a homesteader he finds starting a fire on the Ponderosa and ends up shooting him in self-defense. Feeling responsible for the dead man’s daughter, Joe brings the petulant daughter Willow back to the Ponderosa.

    CONKOctober 19, 2011
  • Denver McKee

    While celebrating the return of his daughter from a fancy school back East, former lawman Denver McKee is asked to assist in the capture of an outlaw gang. No one is aware that McKee is in cahoots with the very criminals he’s expected to bring to justice.

    CONKOctober 19, 2011