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More in The Bridge (Original)

  • Episode 10

    The murderer has shot Saga in Martin’s garden, and kidnapped August. It now dawns on the police that the final step is directed at Martin. Saga does all she can to crack the case and catch the killer – will she succeed before it’s too late?

    CONKJanuary 13, 2014
  • Episode 9

    Gradually all the pieces to the complicated puzzle are put in place – the clues and evidence have led the police to a man who could be the murderer.

    CONKJanuary 13, 2014
  • Episode 8

    After many suspicions they arrest a fellow officer who turns out to have an alibi for all the crimes – but is he really innocent? The murderer succeeded to open our eyes to the problems of the society. But Saga believes that there is more to come.

    CONKJanuary 13, 2014