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More in Politicking with Larry King

  • Are Democrats Overplaying Russiagate?

    Are Democrats overplaying their hand on the Russia investigation by believing it’ll translate into votes for progressives in the midterms and beyond? Documentarian Matthew Cook investigates. Then, who is currently the leader of the Democratic party?

    CONKJuly 19, 2017
  • Dem Rep. Steve Cohen: Trump Likely to Fire Mueller

    Will Donald Trump fire special counsel Robert Mueller before completing the Russia investigation? Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) tells Larry why he thinks it’ll happen. Then, Dave Rubin on the growing battle between the Trump administration and mainstream media.

    CONKJuly 13, 2017
  • Ron Paul: Misguided Foreign Policy Is Biggest Threat to US

    Former GOP Congressman Ron Paul tells Larry why he believes America’s foreign policies present a bigger danger to the U.S. than North Korea. Plus, why he says Obamacare helped destroy the doctor-patient relationship.

    CONKJuly 13, 2017