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  • Are Trump’s Controversies Hurting GOP Agenda?

    Donald Trump attempts to reset his presidency with a well-choreographed trip overseas. But, will the controversies at home plaguing his administration affect the agenda of Republicans in congress? Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), joins Larry with her take.

    CONKMay 24, 2017
  • Staggered by Controversy, Trump Heads Overseas

    Donald Trump faces allegations of obstruction of justice. Is his tenure in the Oval Office seriously at risk? Then, as he prepares for his first trip overseas as president, what do Trump’s controversies mean for America’s place on the global stage?

    CONKMay 19, 2017
  • Trump Reportedly Considers Staff Shake up; Will It Make a Difference?

    Weeks of negative press reportedly has Donald Trump considering a West Wing purge. Larry examines the issue with Bill Clinton’s former Chief of Staff. Then, a look into reports that NATO is scrambling to ‘Trump proof’ the president’s upcoming visit.

    CONKMay 17, 2017