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  • GOP’s Alan Simpson: Trump Chickened Out on Budget Decisions

    Alan Simpson, the outspoken former Republican senator from Wyoming, tells Larry why Donald Trump’s proposed 2018 budget fails in a major way. Then, a former DNC chairman explains why the president’s critics should not waste time expecting his impeachment.

    CONKMay 26, 2017
  • Are Trump’s Controversies Hurting GOP Agenda?

    Donald Trump attempts to reset his presidency with a well-choreographed trip overseas. But, will the controversies at home plaguing his administration affect the agenda of Republicans in congress? Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), joins Larry with her take.

    CONKMay 24, 2017
  • Trump Reportedly Considers Staff Shake up; Will It Make a Difference?

    Weeks of negative press reportedly has Donald Trump considering a West Wing purge. Larry examines the issue with Bill Clinton’s former Chief of Staff. Then, a look into reports that NATO is scrambling to ‘Trump proof’ the president’s upcoming visit.

    CONKMay 17, 2017