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More in Politicking with Larry King

  • GOP’s Ken Buck: DC Corruption Worse Than Most Think

    Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) talks to Larry about his new book, ‘Drain the Swamp,’ and blasts both parties for a government system he claims is more corrupt than most Americans think, including committee chairmanships up for sale and pay-to-play deal-making.

    CONKApril 26, 2017
  • The Trump Doctrine: Exactly What Is It?

    The Nation’s Katrina Venden Heuvel joins Larry for analysis of Donald Trump’s foray into foreign policy, including who’s really calling the shots on U.S. military action. Then, a former Clinton insider weighs-in on The White House visitor log controversy.

    CONKApril 20, 2017
  • Former Rep. Chris Shays: It’s Clear Trump Lacks Syria Strategy

    Former Rep. Chris Shays (R-CT) weighs-in on Pres. Trump’s military strike in Syria and potential conflicts of interest with Russia. Plus, why he’s concerned about Donald Trump’s future use of military action for personal gain.

    CONKApril 14, 2017