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    Don Zorro: Destruction by Distraction

    (Editor’s note: Another blog post by our long-time panelist on the CONK! News Weekend podcast, CONK! News Contributor DON ZORRO.) “An evil enemy will burn his own nation to the ground in order to rule over the ashes.”   More

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    On our CONK! News Daily broadcast from Monday, May 2nd, our editor and host JIM PETERS said that he honestly thought this Tik-Tok video by Nina Jankowicz – the new head of the Biden “Disinformation Governance Board” – was one of the creepiest things he’s ever seen – “like Nazi stuff”, said Jim; and our cohost and beloved “fulfillment journalist” HANK REARDEN concurred.   More

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    Links from CONK! News Daily, 5/2

    On the CONK! News Daily broadcast/podcast from Monday, May 2nd, our editor Jim Peters referenced a piece that Wayne Allyn Root wrote for The Gateway Pundit, stating that the SCOTUS leak happened now in order to divert attention away from the new documentary movie “2000 Mules”:   More

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    Links from CONK! News Daily, 4/20

    These are some of the things Jim and Hank discussed on the CONK! News Daily broadcast/podcast from Wednesday, 4/20: Here’s the book Hank was talking about (link to Amazon to purchase is below thumbnail):   More

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    Scientist Explains the Coming Food Crisis

    (video is below) Our “fulfillment journalist” and CONK! News Daily co-host HANK REARDEN discussed this on a recent broadcast/podcast. With the growing season in Russia already started – and not being able to plant – it looks like fifteen percent of the planet might starve to death this year.   More

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    Don Zorro: Once Upon a Time

    (Editor’s note: This is the first blog post by our long-time panelist on the CONK! News Weekend podcast, DON ZORRO.) There’s a lot of needless complaining coming out of the mouths and keyboards all across the USA these days and it concerns the tragic loss of the Disney corporation’s way.   More

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    Hank’s Latest Meme

    Our “fulfillment journalist” HANK REARDEN posted this original meme to his Gettr account. Our congratulations to Hank: he managed to get 1,000 followers in his first month on Gettr – without paying anyone!   More

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    Jennifer Kabbany from

    JENNIFER KABBANY is the Editor-in-Chief of, the most-read conservative campus news publication in America. She is also, we are very proud to say, a CONK! News Contributor. In the video below, she talks about what you should look for when picking a college.   More

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    Hank Rearden: Handy Wit Da Memes….

    We saws this and laughed like idiots… and we didn’t even know that our own HANK REARDEN had posted it! Join Hank and our Editor JIM PETERS for the CONK! News Happy Hour LIVE every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 4 PM Central on BlogTalkRadio.   More

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    In Praise of Truck Drivers

    I’ll be honest: I’m 66 years old, and this made me cry. God bless John Nolte (who, like me, is apparently Useless…) – Jim Peters, Editor-in-Chief Nolte: Truck Drivers Are the Atlas that Finally Shrugged The world's truck drivers, especially in fascist Canada, have had enough, and now they're shrugging.   More