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    CONK! Briefing Links for 6/16

    Here’s the article in the New York Post that was the basis for Jim’s Daily Briefing podcast for Wednesday, June 16th: North Korean defector slams ‘woke’ US schools A North Korean defector who attended Columbia said even the regime she grew up in “was not this nuts” after she got a taste of “woke” indoctrination.   More

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    CONK! Briefing Links for 6/10

    Here’s the two stories that‘s editor Jennifer Kabbany talked about during her Thursday segment on the CONK! Daily Briefing:   More

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    CONK! Weekly Link for 6/5

    In “The Kicker” to our big blowout CONK! Weekly podcast, our editor Jim Peters referenced a comedy piece on Anthony Fauci’s emails that appeared on The Babylon Bee. Here it is; read it and weep with laughter….   More

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    CONK! Briefing Link for 6/3

    Here is the story on that editor Jennifer Kabbany referred to in her weekly segment on today’s CONK! Daily Briefing:   More

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    We Welcome

    Today we begin a partnership with, America’s most popular news source for conservative college students. As part of this, our Editor-in-Chief Jim Peters will speak with The College Fix’s editor JENNIFER KABBANY during our CONK!   More

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    CONK! Interviews: MN State Rep. Jeremy Munson

    Our latest CONK! Interview is with Minnesota State Legislator Representative JEREMY MUNSON, from State District 23B in southern Minnesota. A couple weeks ago Jeremy introduced a bill into the Minnesota State House that would allow counties on the Minnesota borders to secede from Minnesota and join their adjacent state.   More

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    CONK! Briefing Links for 5/24

    Below are links to the five articles Jim discussed in his Daily Briefing podcast for Monday, May 24th: GOP Calvert 'Forgot' to Cast Proxy Vote Killing Security Funding Bill Ken Calvert "forgot" to cast a proxy vote on behalf of John Carter, which ultimately would have killed the security funding bill.   More

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    Introducing our new Featured Writer, Tim Conaway

    CONK! News extends a warm and hearty welcome to our newest Featured Writer, TIM CONAWAY. Tim was the subject of our very first CONK! Interviews podcast a few weeks ago, and he sat in for our “fulfillment journalist” Hank Reardon on our CONK Weekly podcast this last weekend.   More

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    CONK! Briefing Links for 5/12

    Below are the three article Jim discussed in the CONK! Daily Briefing for Wednesday, 5/12. If you missed it, you can listen to that here. Black Georgia Leaders: Abrams 'Doesn't Speak for the Black Community' A coalition of black business owners and leaders held a press conference where they called out Stacey Abrams and corporations.   More

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    Wayne Allyn Root Op-Ed

    Here is the op-ed Wayne Allyn Root wrote for The Gateway Pundit that our editor Jim Peters referred to in his Daily Briefing podcast for Tuesday, 5/11. As some of the commenters point out, it’s not just that the Democrats are acting guilty; if they truly AREN’T guilty, the results of the audits would make Trump look like a clueless idiot jackass.   More

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    Our New Podcast: CONK! Interviews

    Today we launch our new podcast, called CONK! Interviews. These are conversations with newsmakers, authors and others we find just plain interesting. (However, we will feature sitting politicians only occasionally, because as a general rule they will only say things to advance the agenda of their re-election – and that bores the crap out of us….)   More

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    Biden’s Press Conference

    Please note that we had already recorded Friday’s CONK! Daily podcast briefing at the time of President Biden’s press conference this afternoon, so our editor Jim Peters and staff writer Hank Reardon will comment on that on the big weekend CONK!   More

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    Welcome to CONK! News

    It is my distinct pleasure to welcome you to CONK! News, which launched today, March 15th, 2021. In development for over a year, we are striving to be the single best news aggregation service on the web.   More