Call In to CONK! Live

Calling in to CONK!’s new video show CONK! Live is super-simple – and you can do it from desktops, laptops and smartphones. All you need on your device is a web browser (Google Chrome is recommended, but Firefox should also work), a camera and a microphone.
Click on the button below to enter the studio:

(Do NOT bookmark the resulting page! This link changes for every show.)

Once you enter, there will be a quick check of your camera and mic, you’ll type in the name you want to appear onscreen, and then wait for the host to take your call (the screen will refresh when that happens). It helps to use earbuds or headphones (so you don’t get any echo), and if you’re on your phone, make sure to keep the phone steady!

This system works on all devices running the Windows, Mac and Android operating systems.
If your device is running iOS (i.e., iPhones or iPads):

– You MUST use the Safari web browser ONLY; and
– You must be using iOS version 12.2 or later
(released March 2019)