Don Zorro: From the Ashes of Angels, a Thought

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(Editor’s Note: Our CONK! News Contributor DON ZORRO is on a roll. He read this incredibly thoughtful piece on our CONK! News Daily radio program today, We reproduce it here in its entirety.)

When a tragedy such as what happened on May 24, 2022 in Uvalde, TX. occurs, I’m always dismayed and fascinated by the refusal of those in power to not succumb to their baser instincts. Those instincts include the choice to immediately hide behind a sorrow that lasts for brief minutes in lieu of furthering agendas. Granted, I don’t refute for a moment that this is not exclusive to one group of people. We all do it in one way or another for any number of reasons.

But it always seems the hatred the Left has for guns goes beyond what is reasonable. The extreme comes out in people when we endure unspeakable acts. Shock, disbelief, sadness, anger, blame, and lashing out are experienced in that now-predictable order. This is just part of being human.

What is also human, sadly, is to pretend you can fix something that has so many layers without giving it the deep and protracted thought that is necessary to attack a problem like the evil that produces mass shooters.

It should start with having enough respect to at least try to understand the simplicity of why the 2nd amendment is in place to begin with. It has to do with making the government fear the people’s wrath, should they ever attempt to dominate us, as the Nazis and the Communists have already done to their own people, historically.

It’s easy to understand those who denigrate the 2nd amendment as also being the same people who now, fashionably, denigrate the founders of our nation. We currently have Michael Moore, of movie-producing fame, calling for the repeal of that which is meant to protect us from that large government. He is in favor of an ever-expanding government and does not fear it. He embraces it.

President Biden gave a speech which should have lasted three minutes, ending with his call for prayer. I was literally praying he’d end the speech right there, but no. He could not resist yet another opportunity to scream at us rather than for us. It was a shameful, insincere display of political rhetoric at its worst.

Not to be outdone, V.P. Harris was at her nasal-squeaking best, exhorting us to do something. Other politicians joined her in yet another performance by the Do Something Chorale Society.

When last I checked, the Democrats have held the Senate and Congress for the last three and a half years, almost half of that as a super majority. They have had every opportunity to sing and finish the Oratorio of Mass Murderers but have done nothing.

The reason they have done nothing is because there is little that can be done past what has already been proposed or enacted locally or federally. We, the citizens, have the power to observe truly strange or anti-social behavior and report it. We, the citizens, have the power to stay together as couples if we intend to raise children in a stable home. We, the citizens, can place armed security in our local schools. We, the citizens, can allow teachers who know how to use a firearm the power to carry one concealed in order to give them half a chance to survive the next crazed maniac who wishes to do harm to our children.

We, the citizens, have the power. We, the citizens, don’t need Congress to act on our behalf. We, the citizens, must recognize what the Founders did so long ago: this republic must be nurtured by thoughtful acts of stability. Perhaps then, we can keep it.

We must stay together as families, embrace the troubled, pray without shame of criticism, and always know when the government is acting in its own best interests rather than those of the governed. It is with trust that we give consent to be governed.

Let us mourn together the innocent souls and preserve their memory. Let’s not give in to the temptation of simple-minded non-solutions for complex and very human problems.

Don Zorro
May 25, 2022



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Written by CONK!

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