Jazz Shaw’s Links for In The Dark for Monday, February 6th

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Here’s the articles by JAZZ SHAW that JIM PETERS and Jazz talked about on In The Dark for Monday, February 6th.

This Chinese balloon(s) story is another pile of hot garbage (Update)
John covered this story yesterday when it first broke, but more details (if you wish to generously call them that) have emerged since then. We’re talking about the alleged Chinese spy balloon th...

ChatGPT's creators can't figure out why it hates Trump? I bet we can
There have been ongoing complaints from users of ChatGPT, the chatbot created by OpenAI, that the bot demonstrates a pronounced political bias that unsurprisingly leans heavily toward the left. I̵...

More physicists are questioning reality
In case you were looking for something offbeat to ponder (and possibly make your brain ache) this evening, there has been a series of strange announcements coming out of the science world recently. We...



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