Jazz Shaw’s Links on CONK! News Weekend for February 17-19

Jazz Shaw 01 writer JAZZ SHAW appeared on this week’s CONK! News Weekend with our editor JIM PETERS and the panel to discuss the recent shootdowns of “UFOs” by the American military, and why we have a good idea that they weren’t extraterrestrial. (Short answer: it wouldn’t have been that easy to do….) Here are a couple of Jazz’s articles referenced during the discussion – including an article he wrote for The Debrief last year that discusses this very subject.

Have UFOs Ever Attacked Terrestrial Aircraft? - The Debrief
Cases involving purported attacks by UFOs on aircraft, both military and civilian, is complicated... but some of the records are compelling.

Microsoft's new Chatbot Bing is scaring people
Last week, Microsoft rolled out the beta version of its new chatbot that is supposed to provide some competition for ChatGPT. The bot is named “Bing” and beta users who signed up for the i...

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