Links from CONK! News Daily, 4/20

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These are some of the things Jim and Hank discussed on the CONK! News Daily broadcast/podcast from Wednesday, 4/20:

Here’s the book Hank was talking about (link to Amazon to purchase is below thumbnail):

Hank brought up this woman’s hilarious T-shirts:

Custom t shirts, stainless steel tumblers, bleached tees and hoodies
Here you will find all kinds of custom items. From t shirts for almost any occasion, to a beautiful custom tumbler to keep your drinks hot or cold for hours. I also just ventured into bleached tees. They are so popular this summer and now ...

Here’s the article in The Federalist about our “Potemkin government”:

The U.S. Has A Potemkin Government, And It's Not Just Joe Biden
Joe Biden is a symbol of the entire federal government: Its dangerous incompetence and disrespect for the American people and rule of law.

And here’s the article in Hot Air discussing what George Orwell said about Socialists eighty years ago:

Jeff Greenfield: What the left could learn from Orwell
"prevalence of cranks wherever Socialists are gathered together"

What do you think?


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THE POWE REPORT: Grand Jury Petition Filed Against Murderous CDC, DHS, HHS Officials Who Manipulated Data To Manufacture, Exploit Pandemic

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