TheCollegeFix Proves Cancel Culture is Real

Collegefix Cancel Culture 01

Here at CONK! News we are proud to have been associated with, America’s most-read conservative campus publication, for almost a year now. JENNIFER KABANNY, the editor-in-chief of TheCollegeFix, is a CONK! News Contributor and regularly appears as a guest on our podcasts (matter of fact, she’s scheduled to be on the panel for CONK! News Weekend this week), and the work she and her staff have done to point out ridiculous leftism on college campuses is both necessary and admirable.

We posted a couple months back when TheCollegeFix started their “Campus Cancel Culture Database“; it’s now the go-to resource for keeping up with all the crap that goes on on American campuses. In the video below, Jennifer says that at this point, they basically have irrefutable proof that the phenomenon is real (like we had any doubts….).



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