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Murray Sabrin’s Idea, on This Week’s In The Dark with Jim Peters

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On this week’s In The Dark podcast, our Editor-in-Chief JIM PETERS had on our friend and long-time CONK! News Contributor MURRAY SABRIN to discuss the current economic situation. Murray mentioned that in colonial America, four percent of the American public purchased a copy of Thomas Paine’s Common Sense – and that got the Americans started on thinking about revolution….

So Murray has proposed – and we at CONK! News are endorsing this idea – that we get 20,000 people to each buy five copies of Murray’s autobiography – at $6.99 each, less than forty bucks total – and have those people give out at least four of those five copies to friends. Yes, Murray will profit from this a little bit (and if you use the link below, so will we – our thanks in advance) – but the fact is, economically this country is really screwed up right now; and that in turn is leading to a whole bunch of other political and logistical problems.

As Murray pointed out in his interview, it doesn’t take a whole bunch of people to change the world. Why don’t you click on the link below and buy a few copies?



What do you think?


Written by CONK!

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