News Bites for 09-05-2022


Yeah, that speech…

We need to quell this administration and their lackeys attempts to foment a civil war, and pour our outrage into changing our communities and voting the destructive politicians who are focused on corrupt agendas and lining their pocketbooks out of office. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and turning the tide back to a representative republic is going to take consistent focus and work.

Be here for it.

It’s happening in Florida and Texas, it happened in Virginia, I have not lost faith that it can happen here in California. The masks are being pulled off, literally and figuratively.

EXCLUSIVE: The Gavel Project Advocates for Elementary School Children Targeted for Mask Non-Compliance

Michael Shellenberger and his pro-nuclear activism are documented here:

California Legislators Vote To Keep Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant Running.

As a Californian who despises Newsom and his destructive virtue posturing over energy, this is just delicious.

And this was extra butter on the popcorn:

Gavin Newsom’s In-Laws Support of Ron DeSantis Wasn’t On My Bingo Card.

What do you think?

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Happy Labor Day

A Conversation with Alfredo Ortiz, President of Job Creators Network