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    Don Zorro: Once Upon a Time

    (Editor’s note: This is the first blog post by our long-time panelist on the CONK! News Weekend podcast, DON ZORRO.) There’s a lot of needless complaining coming out of the mouths and keyboards all across the USA these days and it concerns the tragic loss of the Disney corporation’s way.   More

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    The Human Cost of Our Failing Criminal Justice System

    All the talk in recent years about criminal justice reform in America has focused on perceived injustices against individuals charged with breaking the law. Somehow, in this topsy turvy world in which we reside, criminal defendants have been cast as “victims,” while the real victims of crime have been all but forgotten.   More

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    Hank’s Latest Meme

    Our “fulfillment journalist” HANK REARDEN posted this original meme to his Gettr account. Our congratulations to Hank: he managed to get 1,000 followers in his first month on Gettr – without paying anyone!   More

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    Jennifer Kabbany from

    JENNIFER KABBANY is the Editor-in-Chief of, the most-read conservative campus news publication in America. She is also, we are very proud to say, a CONK! News Contributor. In the video below, she talks about what you should look for when picking a college.   More

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    Hank Rearden: Handy Wit Da Memes….

    We saws this and laughed like idiots… and we didn’t even know that our own HANK REARDEN had posted it! Join Hank and our Editor JIM PETERS for the CONK! News Happy Hour LIVE every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 4 PM Central on BlogTalkRadio.   More

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    Potter’s Field

    On Friday afternoon, February 18th, Former Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, police officer Kim Potter was handed a two-year sentence after being found guilty of first and second degree manslaughter in the killing of Daunte Wright in April of 2021.   More

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    In Praise of Truck Drivers

    I’ll be honest: I’m 66 years old, and this made me cry. God bless John Nolte (who, like me, is apparently Useless…) – Jim Peters, Editor-in-Chief Nolte: Truck Drivers Are the Atlas that Finally Shrugged The world's truck drivers, especially in fascist Canada, have had enough, and now they're shrugging.   More

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    Drive Yourself Crazy

    I’ve been driving for more than 50 years, and 95 percent of the time I’ve been in a vehicle I have been behind the wheel. I can handle a car or truck well, with a good feel for the machine and the road.   More

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    Cocked and Locked

    A teenage would-be carjacker is critically wounded by his would-be victim, an armed citizen, licensed to carry. A store employee shoots robber in North Carolina. A pizza employee’s son shoots a man attempting to rob his mom.   More

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    Run Away! Run Away!

    I often see in movies and television shows people running away from a threat. Sometimes it is the innocent party escaping an evildoer, or sometimes it is a nogoodnik legging it from the cops.   More

  • man wearing Donald Trump mask standing in front of White House

    The Final Trump Card

    Donald Trump disrupted the stale two-party election system and plowed a new and different path through Federal government. Was it something that could last, or was he a flash of gas in the swamp?   More

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    Don’t Crowd Me

    One Sunday morning in Los Angeles, I went to a small drug store to get a pocket-size note pad. It was around 10 a.m. when I entered the place and found my way to the stationery aisle.   More

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    Unbless This Union

    I grew up in a union household. My grandfathers, great uncles and some uncles all worked for the railroad, with one of the mightiest unions of the time. Dad and most men of his generation worked at one of the local factories, all with strong union representation.   More