Joe and Kamala’s racism and sexism


Joe Biden is the most sexist and racist president in American history.  When he was campaigning for the presidency from his Delaware basement, he stated that he would nominate a woman of color to the Supreme Court. That was his criteria to nominate an individual to the highest court in the land, not someone with impeccable jurisprudence credentials who would protect individual rights against egregious government power, the only criteria that should be used by a president to nominate someone to the Supreme Court.

Biden followed through on his campaign promise by nominating Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Court and the Senate approving her nomination. 

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So now a black woman, the first in history, will now undoubtedly join the Court’s liberals to support government power at the expense of individual rights. We will soon see how Justice Brown Jackson votes as the new Supreme Court term just began. 

Could you imagine the uproar if a CEO announced that only white males would be considered to replace him? What is acceptable for the federal government should be good for private sector decision makers. 

Joe Biden is not the first president to use identity politics to nominate an individual to the Supreme Court. 

At one time, there was as “Jewish” seat on the Court.   The so-called Jewish seat was vacant for more than two decades until President Clinton nominated Ruth Bader Ginsberg who took a seat on the Court in 1993.  After Ginsburg was elevated to the Court, two other Jewish justices joined her on the bench, Stephen Breyer, and Elena Kagan.  Only Kagan remains on the Court. 

Last week, Kamala Harris, our foot in the mouth vice president, stated that hurricane aid would be based on “equity” and race.  The White House’s incompetent press secretary “clarified” the VP’s remarks asserting that people of color have a difficult time navigating the federal aid process.   

That’s not an “equity” issue but a “knowledge” issue. The news media are providing constant information about FEMA and other federal and state programs to assist citizens affected by Hurricane Ian.  People of color don’t read newspapers, have a television or radio or a cellphone?  Treating people of color as helpless dolts is condescending and reveals the subtle racism of both white liberals and elites of color like Kamala. 

The solution:  repeal anti-discrimination laws and allow companies to hire whom they want.  Freedom of association, in the final analysis, would sort the workplace out better than the current identity politics, and create more “diversity” than the top-down approach to “equity.”   

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