The Litmus Test


President Biden’s “nonpolitical” speech last week in front of Independence Hall decrying “MAGA Republicans” for “extremism” was the most hypocritical address to the nation by any occupant of the Oval Office in my lifetime.  He called Trump and his followers “enemies of the state”—rhetoric more fitting for a communist or fascist dictator than the sworn defender of the Bill of Rights.   

Nevertheless, this brings me to assert that both Democrats and Republicans are nearly equally hypocritical when they control the White House and/or both chambers of Congress. They both have infringed on the American people’s rights.

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Both Ds and Rs have supported undeclared wars, the trampling of our civil liberties with the Patriot Act and other egregious laws, the legalized counterfeiting of the Federal Reserve, the Social Security and Medicare Ponzi schemes, the income tax, trade restrictions, the war on drugs, federal intervention in education, the energy sector, the housing market, medical care, and the list goes on and on.  In short, both Ds and Rs are “conservatives.”  They both protect the status quo in Washington DC. 

To overturn the statist policies that have become entrenched in America, we need a 21st century abolition movement.  A “great reset”—to borrow a phrase from the globalists who want to establish a worldwide collectivist nightmare.

In today’s hyper political climate, virtually all Republicans would call modern abolitionists extremists.  The real extremists are the protectors of the status quo, which is financially unsustainable, clearly unconstitutional, and morally bankrupt. 

Nothing less than a widespread abolition movement to return America to a constitutional republic is required to restore our liberties and create sustainable prosperity. 

So, the question is how do we abolish—phase out—the welfare warfare state as quickly as possible?  I provide a blueprint in my Tax Free 2000. 

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