All Fall Down

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We are on the very real brink of a complete financial collapse.

Inflation is (at this writing) at an all-time high of 8.6 percent. The recession already exists, even though it has not been acknowledged by the so-called experts. And the Biden Administration continues to tell bold-faced lies that the economy is strong, and that the turnaround is near.

Real leaders would first acknowledge the problem, then confront the root causes of the situation. Sleepy Eye Joe has never been a leader, instead following whatever Democratic Party policies were required to keep his place in government. The Squinty One would tell you black is white if that is what the Party dictates, then go out and raise funds from everyone willing to believe that black is white. A politician’s place in elected office is directly related to how much money he or she brings to the Party, and has nothing to do with service to the people.

While we can accept that Grandpa Joe would blindly espouse a blue-sky version of current economic affairs, we are skeptical that the puppet masters aren’t aware of this headlong hurtle to economic disaster. Let us consider that the Democrats want government to oversee every aspect of our lives, by poisoning the populace with addictive hand-outs, determining what speech is “appropriate,” and telling us we don’t need to protect ourselves from tyranny.

How could any group believe that economic collapse is a good thing? The Party in power that holds the reins as the wagon rolls off the cliff will tighten those reins under the guise of recovery and stability.

Nobody wants to go through a rocky path. The liars and soothsayers on the Far Left will promise to smooth the road. In order to accomplish it, they will need even greater control than they can now slip past the Constitution.

Emergency measures, especially in a drastic emergency, often involve suspension of certain rights and privileges “for the greater good.” In the Leftist’s mind, the government is the great provider and the best problem solver. Therefore, maximum government intervention is the only cure.

If the economy tumbles down the black hole, one wonders where the government will get the revenue to administer its nation-saving programs. With emergency power, the government could seize the manufacturing, agricultural and service industries “to better distribute what the people need.”

Government-administered production is followed by government-administered distribution. The government, through its agencies and authorized representatives, will get food, clothing, shelter and other services to the people, they claim.

If you think this is far-fetched, look at the progressive programs that the Democrats have introduced over the past 60 years. It is not hard to see both a trend and a mindset that moves toward more and more government intervention and oversight.

If we also take a look at how these moves have panned out, it is clear that the federal government is lousy at running anything, and that the “help” that trickles down from the federal level is choked by bureaucracy and political favoritism.

First the government sets up a bureaucratic agency bloated with lazy, slow-moving workers who will be among the first to get fed. Next in line are “contractors” who perform in the same self-serving fashion, slicing off their fat portions of the public pie. Then all the local enablers of the Party platform create their non-profit agencies who are next to get their hands on the goods. Finally, the few crumbs left go to the people themselves.

An immediate measure when Big Government takes over will be to disarm the public with the excuse that shortages of economic disarray will lead to “terroristic” threats on the supply chain. By any means necessary, including use of the national military, the Left will strive for uncontested control of the public.

You’ve already imagined that the economic collapse in the United States would have international consequences. Why wouldn’t China rush in? What action might Russia take? Doesn’t the European Union have a stake in all this?

Keep in mind that the U.S. dollar is a pivotal currency in world economics. China manipulates its currency to stay competitive in manufacturing, as well as stealing intellectual property and dumping those products on the market to undercut American manufacturing. China is partly to blame for the U.S. being unable to sustain itself with vital parts that we don’t or will no longer try to make here. And the Biden Buddy System with China has moved us more in that direction, by refusing to take action against the theft of technological ideas or to try to stop the international dumping of Chinese knockoffs of our products.

When the U.S. economy collapses, China’s fake economy falls flat. The Chinese government owns a majority share of Chinese businesses. Their banks are already in serious trouble. In just one known example, the “restructuring” of Evergrande, the $300 billion crumbling real estate company, will short these already hurting banks by billions of yuan more. China’s poor handling of the virus that its lab created has drastically undercut manufacturing, leaving them unable to meet demands.

Russia hasn’t had a real or stable economy except for a few years here and there since the late 1980s. Their foolish invasion of Ukraine and the resulting international sanctions have crushed whatever economy they might have had. Of course, we don’t know the whole truth about Russia’s economic crisis because they are adept as the Biden crew at lying about what is really going on.

The European Union is dependent on a strong dollar to make the Euro appear strong by comparison. The EU is also dependent on the major providers (America, China, Russia) for raw materials, energy resources and basic agricultural goods.

India and Australia are other major economies but they have always done a good job of keeping a self-contained commercial atmosphere while still engaging in international trade.

Some people believe that the fall ’22 elections will unseat enough Democrats to bring change to the Congressional picture. Unfortunately, it will bring more of the same stalemate and bickering, because the Republicans serve their Party masters the same way as the Dems. The stranglehold of the rigged two-party system will stymie any real change.

Unfortunately, no Congressional action can mitigate or undermine the Biden Administration’s full-on effort to wreck the economy.  A politician since college, Pete Buttigieg said, “The center of gravity of the American people is way to the left of the center of gravity of Congress and, in many ways, to the left of the national Democratic Party.” This horrible misreading of the American public comes from the youngster who serves as the Secretary of Transportation, who also said, “I’ve always been terrible at land navigation.”

Who is driving the economic bus in Washington, D.C.? The blind-to-reality hell-bent-on-our-destruction Far Left. And we’re coming to the end of the road.

What do you think?


Written by Tim Conaway

TIM CONAWAY is a regular Contributor to CONK! News. He is also running for President of the United States. See more about that at

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