AmFest 2022 Highlights!

America Fest 2022, the conservative conference hosted by Turning Point USA (TPUSA), is winding down, with its final day of this four-day conference on Tuesday.

Now in its second year, this newish event has been an information and resource-packed time. As I said in my RedState overview of the happenings, it is a testament to TPUSA that they have engaged a captive audience of thousands days before Christmas. However, it is also a testament to the hunger for grassroots and Christian conservatives to discover fellow-travelers and like-minded community with whom they can connect, network, and glean.

AmFest in full swing

With this second AmFest, it’s clear that cutting-edge conservatism has found a home here, especially conservative activism, which in recent years has been given short-shrift by the more established conservative conference, CPAC. AmFest is future forward in its planning and execution, and has the youthful juice, the fresher lineup, and the technological knowledge that is drawing in the younger Millennials and Generation Z.

My RedState interview with Florida Rep. Byron Donalds

It’s been a busy time, but here’s a brief snippet of my experiences and the energy of the conference. You can find more of my coverage of the sessions and my interviews at the Media Row booth over at

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