Kira Davis is the Parent’s Choice for Capistrano School Board

I’ve been having great fun following campaigns this election season, and featuring a few in my series on RedState, “All Politics is Local.” This week, I followed Kira Davis around to precinct walk in her district. Kira is running for a District 2 Trustee seat in the Capistrano Unified School District, and she is kicking ass and taking names!

Her opponent is a carpetbagger who spent 12 years on the Irvine school board, tried to move into a seat at the Orange County Department of Education (and lost) and then moved into District 2 and decided the school board needed him <insert *eyeroll* emoji>. The teachers unions think this too, as they have been following/harassing Kira as she campaigns, stealing her yard signs from public spaces, and attempting to sabotage her efforts to connect with the constituents of District 2. I have a few choice words for these folks, but I will leave it off this page.

Here’s a short video showing what a powerful voice Kira is, and what a powerful voice she will be for parents and students in the Capistrano Unified School District.

Learn more about Kira’s campaign at:

Read my exclusive on Kira: IN MY ORBIT: Kira Davis Is the Parent’s Voice and the Parent’s Choice for Capistrano School Board

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