New Mexico Governor Sets the Tone for the Dem 2024 Agenda

All I can say is, when we were considering our relocation, I’m glad New Mexico wasn’t on the list. Setting the tone for what Democrats are planning nationwide, New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham has suspended both open and concealed-carry for 30 days, claiming her powers supersede the constitutions of the United States and the State of New Mexico. Lujan Grisham took to X (formerly Twitter) and proudly posted about it on Thursday.


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Gov. Lujan Grisham declared gun violence a public health emergency Thursday, following the murder of an 11-year-old boy on his way home from an Isotopes game Wednesday night. That case, combined with several other violent cases involving children, sparked the decision.

The new public health order is effective Friday, Sept. 8. After 30 days, they will evaluate whether they should renew the order or make adjustments.

A “public health emergency”? More kids are killed in one night in Chicago, in a state that has some of the strictest gun laws on the planet. From their Marxist Mayor to IL Governor J.B. Pritzker, neither of them is declaring a state of emergency, and in their case, it would be a good start.

This felt eerily familiar, so a cursory internet search showed that this was neither new nor novel. Back in 2021, when the push back from the COVID lockdowns became most pronounced, former New York Governor, the now disgraced Andrew Cuomo, took the same action, using the same language.

New York has become the first US state to declare a disaster emergency order to address rising gun violence.

New York state saw 51 shootings over the 4 July holiday weekend, Governor Andrew Cuomo said as he signed the executive order.

The directive will funnel $138.7m (£100m) towards gun violence intervention and prevention programmes.

It comes amid reports of a rise in gun deaths countrywide, including nearly 200 over the past weekend.

Cuomo was under the delusion that he would run for president in 2024, until his COVID mismanagement and the power brokers in his party decided to sink him with sexual assault allegations.

But in September of 2021 the CDC also decided that gun violence was bad for public health.

Everything old is new again.

California Governor Gavin Newsom has similar feverish delusions about a presidential run, and has been on a recent tear about gun violence, and has recently pushed legislation to create a 28th Amendment to destroy the 2nd Amendment. He’s as serious as a heart attack.

This former and present surrogates of President Joe Biden are telegraphing the Democrat agenda for 2024, especially if Biden (or whomever could replace him on the ticket) manages to attain another four years. Lujan Grisham will find some excuse after 30 days to extend the ban. Lawsuits take time, and just like the COVID hysteria, any lawsuit filed against the state of New Mexico will give Lujan Grisham and her foot soldiers enough time to do damage. Just this statement from the news report let’s you know that this is exactly how it is going to go down.

The governor said she expects to be challenged on this, but she is prepared for a legal fight.

Lujan Grisham’s higher aspirations are showing here. She was a COVID lockdown zealot, on Biden’s shortlist for VP in 2020. She has the Hispanic bona fides—every bio touts that she is the first Democrat Hispanic woman to serve as New Mexico’s governor. She cannot claim first Hispanic woman—that was taken by the Republican Susana Martinez. Grisham Lujan also has the backing of all the right Democrat groups, like EMILYs List. So, Lujan Grisham gets to exercise her naked ambition for higher office while seeding the ground for the national push to grab your guns under the guise of “public health.”

It’s the new pandemic, and you knew it was coming.

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