NumbersUSA Chris Chmielenski Says Southern Border Will Be a Hot Topic for Election 2024


One of the biggest crimes of the first GOP debate of the 2024 Election season (and there were many) was how little discussion was given to the crisis at the Southern Border.

Perhaps they are saving it for future debates, and that’s a legitimate reason. However, the moderators included a softball question about Oliver Anthony’s “Rich Men North of Richmond” and a really stupid question about UFOs. Those spaces could have been used for a question that engendered more substantive discussion that actually reflects what Americans care about; and what they care about is what is happening at the Southern Border and the resultant crime and human trafficking that is flowing from our failure to get it in check. As it was in the 2016 Election, illegal immigration is going to be one of the Top 3 issues of the 2024 Election.

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August 24, 1968


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