Roman Balmakov Talks His Documentary, “No Farmers, No Food,” and All the Ways That They Will Force You to Eat the Bugs


Last year I wrote an article discussing the global food crisis that was occurring all over the developed world. In the United States, it seemed on a monthly basis that meat and grain processing plants were being bombed or set on fire, just randomly, out of the blue. Barely any reporting was done on these incidents, and little curiosity or follow up.

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Around that time, the Farmers Protests were also raging across the Netherlands and Canada, and the farmers in Sri Lanka stormed the presidential palace in protest because the ban on synthetic fertilizers had not only ruined their livelihoods, but their ability to feed themselves. At the time I suspected it was an international collaboration between the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, and other globalists intent on destroying the food supply of developing and established nations in order to control the population and save the planet.

I wasn’t far off the mark. The new Epoch Times original documentary No Farmers, No Food: Will You Eat The Bugs? not only confirmed those suspicions, but revealed just how far reaching it has become.

Journalist and Epoch Times senior correspondent Roman Balmakov is a familiar face from his EpochTV program Facts Matter, and regularly reports across the U.S. and around the world on a number of political and cultural subjects.

Roman Balmakov of EpochTV’s “Facts Matter”

I sat down with Balmakov last week to discuss the documentary, which he produced, and his journey of discovery about just how deeply embedded and insidious this agenda has become. In the name of climate change and saving the planet, these global elites have taken it upon themselves to undermine and destroy a food supply chain that, for the most part, has worked for generations to not only sustain individual lives and productivity, but sustain the world.

What gives?

Balmakov explains.

Here is the fly in the ointment for these globalists: Citizens who are fighting back. Particularly here in America, where the U.S. Constitution affords protections and legal redress for landowners and their families. In my new home state of Alabama, homestead laws are sacrosanct, and many people are moving here, and other states that also have homestead provisions, in order to reap the benefits. Balmakov agreed that this may be the saving grace in maintaining freedoms, individual liberties, and Americans ability to live as they choose and be self-sustaining.

But, this does not mean the government will not try and use obscure laws and regulations to erode the legal rights and the will of these farmers, as is happening in my former home state of California. What it boils down to essentially is pay attention to who is running and being elected to local office, particularly our water and land boards.

Ultimately, it is up to us to become educated, pay attention, and as much as we can, cultivate and support local farmers and food supply. I am looking to grow some of the vegetables I regularly eat, and reach out to local farms to stock up on my beef and poultry stores. Buying a quarter of a cow direct from the farmer is also cheaper, and more sustaining than shopping weekly at the local grocery store.

No Farmers, No Foods: Will You Eat The Bugs? Premieres on Monday, September 25 on EpochTV. You can also view the stream directly from their branded website. The larger agenda of top-down and bureaucratic control should not be ignored, and this documentary is an excellent tool not only to educate and inform, but for all people to take action to protect their rights, property, individual liberty and freedoms.

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