Saudi Arabia’s PaliLine Can Re-Home Gaza’s “Best and Brightest”

Well, I did promise some commentary on the Israel/Hamas war, but I did not promise it would come from me! Here’s a guest post by attorney, writer, cartoonist extraordinaire and most importantly, my friend: Jim Thompson.


“America is not sending their best and brightest, you know, to Washington DC”.

John Fetterman said that. John Fetterman, Pennsylvania’s junior Senator offered that clanky, grammatically stunted, but oddly correct observation on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show. The audience was prompted to laugh and applaud to the Senate’s incarnation of Forrest Gump. And dutifully, they did.

Fetterman. Credit: Jim Thompson

For his Late Night appearance, Senator Fetterman came dressed in his finest triple X sweatshirt and gym shorts. He was sporting a week of stubble on his face and had his insipid perpetual Lennie in Of Mice and Men grin. His version of “dressing up” is wearing clean underwear. On the upside, his bald pate was shaved.

Why bring up Fetterman? Because he is correct – unintentionally but nonetheless correct. America’s Congress is laden with incompetent fools.  

During a congressional budget vote in the lower chamber, Jamaal Bowman, a Democratic Socialist from Yonkers pulled a fire alarm. Fire alarms are marked “Fire Alarm”. They are also painted red. Signs inform the dumbest amongst us and those with the eyesight of sloths not to pull them unless there’s a fire. But Bowman pulled one and the fire alarm sounded. Bowman claimed he thought he was opening a door. Bowman is either lying or dumber than a bag of rags. Likely both. Bowman has been criminally charged and has pled not guilty. He serves Yonkers in Congress.

A week after Hamas invaded Israel and killed everyone they could see through their gun sights, including people “dancing for peace”, Bowman suggested that America import up to a million Palestinian refugees. Bowman wants America to house and feed the people who voted Hamas into power – the same people who danced in the streets after 9/11 and danced over the bodies of dead Israeli children.

Bowman said:

“Fifty percent of the population in Gaza are children. The international community as well as the United States should be prepared to welcome refugees from Palestine while being very careful to vet and not allow members of Hamas”.

America already has hordes of Hamas sycophants. Most are infesting college campuses, and plenty took to the streets. Like the Antifa cowards, they cover their faces while revealing their support for craven barbarians. A mass migration of terrorist enablers is not on my bingo card.  And, from a practical standpoint, there is no chance of “vetting” Hamas terrorists and their enablers out of a migration pool. He was applauded by fellow squad members like the bartender AOC and perpetual terrorist-enabler Rashida Tlaib. No thanks squad members, we already have too many terrorists in America. So, what to do with the Palestinians?

I have a better solution: Please send them to Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia is in the concept stage and ground breaking of a “planned community” called “The Line”. If one is to believe the crowned prince of Saudi Arabia, The Line can comfortably house up to 9 million people in a city that will stretch over a thousand feet high and 105 miles long. According to proponents, The Line is intended to house a “broad” spectrum of inhabitants, not just oil-rich Saudis. So, instead of accommodating 9 million Saudis who bathe in oil money, why not build a Gaza-in-Arabia to house the soon-to-be-displaced Hamas enablers? Call it, The PaliLine.

The original concept for The Line contemplates separate modules housing, on average, 40,000 people with shops, parks, mosques (lots of them), and every other need for comfortable living. There will be a high-speed rail system. Everything will be contained within the glass-enclosed structure. There are other positives that make this even more inviting. The Saudi population is majority Sunni. Ninety-eight percent of Gazans are Sunni, and Saudi Arabia supplied most of the 9/11 terrorists; so Hamas (what is left of it) will fit right in—in PaliLine. 

Israel has had enough of terrorists on its southern border. It has had its fill of Hamas digging up water pipes and turning them into rocket launchers. Time to move Gazans. Time for PaliLine. The Marshal Plan transformed a flattened war-torn Europe into modern Europe in just a few years. The proposed area for the build is just a few hundred miles south of Gaza, so the refugees would have a short Moses-like walk. Sure, there have been complainers and skeptics, but the Saudi royals have dealt with them. Complainers were executed. The project has already broken ground. Like Twitter stayed the same after Musk with a name change to “X”, just change the name from “The Line” to PaliLine. After Israel turns Gaza into Rubble Town tell the refugees to move East.

Everybody wins. Except Hamas. Hamas will take it on the chin because their human shields would be gone. No more hiding behind grandma. Gazans would get a place to live in a place that isn’t an “open-air” prison.

Time for bold action. Someone tell Biden—right after he wakes up from his nap.

What do you think?

Written by CONK!

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