Shameless Self-Promotion Monday!

I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving! There is so much to be thankful for, and you, my subscribers are among them. Thank you for your interest and support of my work across all of my platforms.

The Girl is Now a CONK! News Contributor!

The editors over at CONK! News like me so much that they have asked me to be a regular contributor. In terms of what’s in it for me, I get to pontificate and analyze all the news, politics, and pop culture on their major podcasts, I have my own contributor page which features my writing on Substack and RedState, along with promotion of my book with co-author Benjamen Janey, The Making of An American Hip-Hop Tycoon. Any arena that wants my voice and helps to extend my reach is always welcome, so thank you, Jim Peters, Hank Rearden, and the rest of the CONK! News crew for the warm embrace and great promotion!

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I hung out with the editors for the CONK! News early-Weekend Edition podcast, where we did more post-mortem on the 2022 Midterm Elections and talked about what we were thankful for.

About 20 minutes—give it a listen.

Keynote Event for The Making of An American Hip-Hop Tycoon

Speaking of the book, we have nailed down our very first Book Launch celebration! The good people over at Hunnypot Live, a bi-weekly internet-based podcast-party are hosting an all-in hybrid book signing and keynote tour for my co-author Benjamen Janey and me at The Mint in Los Angeles.

If you are in the Los Angeles area and you would like to attend, hit me up in the comments. I would love to meet some of you IRL (in real life) as opposed to virtually, and for those who plan to purchase or have purchased the paperback book, it’s an opportunity to get it signed!

Support For Brave Books

I have regularly promoted Brave Books and their work, mostly over at RedState. This Texas-based children’s education publishing company’s mission is to equip parents to teach their children to love America, and the values on which the country was founded.

Last year, Brave Books offered a Treasure Box to celebrate its Saga 1 Series of books.

The entire Brave Books catalog takes the reader into “Freedom Land,” a land that, like our own United States, has diverse characters, regions, and its own unique problems. Each book in the series addresses these characters and issues and embeds a lesson about liberty, freedom, and how to engage culture, along with interactive tools and activities that help to reinforce the knowledge from the reading.

This Cyber Monday, Brave Books is once again offering a Treasure Box for their Saga 2 Series! The latest addition to the Treasure 2 chest is a book by General Michael Flynn, The Night the Snow Monster Attacked, where the main hero named “Valor” leads the BRAVE Team of warriors in a lesson on what leadership looks like, what it doesn’t, and why it is important.

General Flynn corresponded with me about his partnership with Brave Books, and why these stories are critical in activating the next generation of leaders.

“The hero in the book, Valor, is such an important and true to life role model for kids. And the way the book is designed with its superb artwork, allows the imagination of a child to become part of the story so they can better learn the important lessons of leadership that run throughout the story.”

The Treasure Box 1 include a Saga 1 Activity Book, a Puzzle, and the 10, Saga 1 “The Origins” series of books:

  • Elephants Are Not Birds

  • Little Lives Matter

  • The Island of Free Ice Cream

  • Fame, Blame, & the Raft of Shame

  • More than Spots & Stripes

  • Paws Off My Cannon

  • Son of Truth

  • The Fight for Freedom Island

  • Because You’re My Family

  • Dawn of the Brave

The Treasure Box 2 includes the Saga 2 Series of “Iron Chaos” Books:

and General Michael Flynn’s latest,

The box also includes the Iron Chaos Poster, Character Stickers, and Character Tattoos.

The Treasure Box 1 and the Treasure Box 2 can be combined in one bundle for a single price. Or purchase, “The Ultra Box” which includes the Collector’s Edition Set of 10 books from the Saga 1 series, the seven books from the Saga 2 series, and a specialty puzzle.

How many of you either have children, grandchildren, godchildren, and young people over whom you have an influence who could benefit from these treasure boxes? Tis’ the Season of Giving, and what better gift can you give than educational, cultural, and historical literacy combined with family fun and critical thinking exercises!

This week, you can take 20 percent off the entire Brave Books collection sitewide with the code: CYBER20.

Visit to purchase the box sets, or to become a monthly subscriber to their Book of the Month program.

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