“The Making of an American Hip-Hop Tycoon” is Officially Launched!


Like me, my co-author Benjamen Janey interacts with people across different social stratas and wears multiple hats. As the former owner of a hip-hop music label, music producer and designer, he is connected to the music industry in pivotal ways, which opened the door for our first book signing event!

Hunnypot Live is quintessential Los Angeles. Organic, freeform, laid back, with unique and hidden treasures throughout. They host a bi-weekly, internet-based, “live podcast” party featuring industry guest interviews, playlist/DJ sets, and live music performances. “Hot Tub” Johnnie, the co-founder of Hunnypot Live, is a good friend of Benjamen’s from back-in-the-day, and he invited us to combine an interview with the signing of our book. So, we took him up on the opportunity.

Here’s a short video of the festivities, including snippets of my favorite acts of the night: Nashville artist Josh Mack, and Los Angeles’ H2THE.

A little over five minutes. Give it a view! There will be more book signings scheduled across California and potentially other states, so stay tuned to what’s In My Orbit.

Written by CONK!


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