The Week That Was: California Corruption, Trans Disruption, and Espionage Shenanigans

The Girl is on the go this week! Mr. O’Connell and I are plotting a move to the Southeast, so we have mostly been in the car for four straight days (in between hotel and friends overnight stops), and thanks to the wonders of modern technology, I have done most of my writing butt in passenger seat, while Mr. O’Connell has done all of the driving.

Marriage is great—I highly recommend it!

The tragedy of the Nashville school massacre ruled the news cycle, along with the fallout from it; but California corruption news also ruled the day, with some much needed convictions and exposure happening.

Read it and weep—or cheer, or moan. We’ve run the gamut on news and emotions over the last 7 days.

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Written by CONK!


Guest commentary by Richard Alan Merkt, “A Banana Republic”


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