The Week That Was: Interviews, Potential Indictments, Biden Policy Slap Downs, and Exposing the House of Fauci

It’s always nice to do detailed sit down interviews with people, and have longer form conversations that delve more deeply into their background and interests, or a particular issue. So, it was quite the coup to get the first exclusive interview with the new Vice Chair of the California GOP Corrin Rankin, and highly informative to pick the brain of Senior Attorney for Pacific Legal Foundation Wen Fa about the San Francisco Reparations proposal. For my paid subscribers, you get the full Monty of both interviews. For the free side, see the RedState articles that give snippets of those interviews.

Biden’s federal vaccine mandate got slapped back, Trump is flexing his media savvy as he dominated the news cycle, and the bad doctor Anthony Fauci came in a close second.

This is the week that was… Enjoy.

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