The Week That Was: Life and Death, Repentance and Redemption, and How to Handle Illness

The prolific novelist Anne Perry died August 10, but what is curious is that it was barely acknowledged by most media. Probably because if you look at her past, and her current life, it raises some fascinating questions about repentance, redemption, and how a life can be transformed. If you’re unfamiliar with Perry, give my obit on RedState a read. The comments on the article have sparked the percolation of an op-ed on that very subject sometime in the near future.

R.I.P. Anne.

An interview with Pastor Jay Stewart about the Life Ride has also sparked the question of how we protect Life and how the church can be activated to support life in all its forms. Interviews are some of my favorite things to do as a journalist, because they delve deeper into a subject, and the subjects in front of you. If you’re a paid subscriber to Substack, you get the pleasure of the full interview. Snippets are in my RedState Feel-Good Friday article, but those only scratch the surface of the discussion. For the deeper dives, take advantage of a paid subscription.

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Otherwise, the rest are the permutations of national and California politics: one an example of the right thing for a politician to do when confronted with their own illness, and the other covers what occurs when a politician refuses to do the right thing.

Interesting and tragic all at once.

What do you think?

Written by CONK!


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