The Week That Was: Presidential Permutations, Higher Office Aspirations, and Pro-Life Implications

You could have given me whiplash with all the pivots happening on the political front. California Governor Gavin Newsom is getting more fine-tuned with his presidential aspirations by trying to play a moderate—more like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, but smart people know this. Sen. Tim Scott is showing some juice by firmly planting his foot into the pro-life camp, as opposed to his fellow presidential candidates who keep doing the jig and spouting about policy and conversations, when it should be left up to the individual states. This dovetails with a sad tale of a mother and a daughter who decided murder of a fully viable fetus was the only option against abortion restrictions, how global elitist want you to eat bugs, and more scary progressives climbing up the food chain.

Lots to chew on, as well as a Wednesday GOP presidential debate for This Week That Was.

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