The Week That Was: Targeting Revival, Haley’s Resurrection, California Flexing

This Week That Was has been akin to drinking water from a fire hose. Lots of major news coming at you hard and fast, while being soaked to the skin. There’s still much to unpack, some of it critical, some of it hilarious. Kevin McCarthy’s rise and fall, Nancy Pelosi being booted from her cush Speaker Emeritus office, and the death of California Senator Dianne Feinstein and her subsequent replacement.

I wrote much about Laphonza (Ayyee!) Butler, Governor Gavin Newsom’s replacement for the much lauded Senator Feinstein. Newsom appointed her and doubled down on this choice in spite of her lack of California residency and lack of legislative qualifications. Governor Gaslight is now in the spotlight as he signs and/or vetoes the remaining bills from his legislature, including an evil bill that is supposed to address discrimination but simply encourages more of it.

A Week That Was that still has me drying off.

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