The Week That Was: Trailblazers Passing, Gaslighters Gassing, and Red State Amassing

This week held some political victories. After years of California independent professionals fighting AB5 and using what little resources we had to warn the rest of the nation about its dangers and how a Democrat Senate and an adversarial Biden administration via the Department of Labor wanted to spread the misery nationwide, it appears we had a breakthrough. Thanks to the work of our champion, California Congressman Kevin Kiley, who is actively seeking to stop the nomination of Julie Su to Labor Secretary. When Kiley was an Assemblyman, he was the sole elected official taking active steps to make our stories heard and combat the law and its deleterious effects. He also saw the damage done by Julie Su with her enforcement of AB5 and her malfeasance in allowing 41 billion in fraud through the Employment Development Department, which Su oversaw before she was nominated and then approved to become Deputy Labor Secretary.

While the fight to stop her is still underway, Kiley’s hearing this week as chairman of the Workforce Protections Subcommittee was a huge body blow to the narrative being pushed by the Biden administration and the unions that she had nothing to do with AB5 or the UI fraud. The rest of us seek to continue the fight by promoting the hearing and combatting the agenda to destroy independent professionals. The Senate votes on Su this week, so if you care about freedom to work, I recommend calling and writing your senator and demand they vote NO on confirming Julie Su.

Seeing California Governor Gavin Newsom pretend he cares about the affairs of the state after face planting on his so-called Red State tour would be quite hilarious, if it wasn’t so tragic. More on his idiotic moves, which people need to pay more attention to. Just because he’s an idiot doesn’t make him any less dangerous.

Then there are the uncovering of the coverups, and the honoring of those who left both earthly and eternal legacies.

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