Why Taking Charge of Your Health Is Critical, and More Discoveries on My Journey to Wellness


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I have come to the conclusion that our governments are trying to kill us. Well, if not kill us, certainly make us sicker. They have been doing it since the 1950s, but they seem to have ramped up the process in recent years. From celebrity diet doctors like Dean Ornish peddling a high carbohydrate, vegetarian/vegan lifestyle, to the World Economic Forum pushing bugs as a solution to meat, to pushing out private and small farmers and growers so that the government can take over the land. The multi-billion dollar healthcare industry is neither care nor maintenance; it is strategically managed procession toward death; and it is also true: the less money you have, the more likely you are to be grist for the mill.

I had an inkling that doctors were not really interested in my health concerns but their own agenda, when I went in for a routine gynecological exam about a decade ago. I had just changed insurance providers, so had the joy (/sarc) of finding a new practitioner. After going over my history, out of the blue the doctor started pushing Weight Watchers! If it was my general practitioner or internist, maybe I’d have been a bit less creeped out. I was not in a relationship, not looking to get pregnant, and not having any health issues. In fact, weight-wise I was in pretty good shape. Why, out of the blue, would she need to insert weight loss into the conversation? Almost like their was a corporate agenda afoot. Later I did discover a partnership between the insurance carrier and the diet-industry giant, but it certainly wasn’t for the good of my health.

The American Dietetic Association and their adopted recommendations have filtered into every form of government-funded or run food programs, school systems, and also how your doctor sees you… or doesn’t. Along with the dreaded BMI, I’ve been pushing back on ADA standards in my personal life for a long time, and I’ve been the better for it. Lately, I’ve been going down a rabbit hole of nutrition and wellness YouTube, and discovering that my own choices and perspectives on health are becoming more common than I realized. Specifically, this past year, I have made some drastic shifts in my diet in order to improve and preserve my health. With the help of a functional nutritionist, I’ve been able to not only successfully address my health challenges, but discover what foods do well for my body and what foods I need to avoid. Newsflash: Most on the avoidance list are highly recommended by the ADA.

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