Abolish the income tax…


More than 100 years ago when the national debate about the federal government imposing an income tax via a constitutional amendment was underway, critics stated that it would lead to massive intrusion into the people’s financial affairs.  They also warned that once an income tax would be enacted it would permit the federal government to harass workers and businesses as well. 

For more than a century the enforcement arm of the Treasury, now called the Internal Revenue Service, has proven the critics right time after time.

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The most recent egregious IRS punishment of a taxpayer was cited in the Wall Street Journal. “The IRS and the Eight Amendment, an essay by Nix and Martinez.  The authors point out that the IRS levied a $2.7 million fine on a taxpayer who failed to fill out a form.  If does not make your blood boil, I don’t know what will. 

Can you imagine getting a letter from the IRS stating you failed to file form XXXX and you are being fined more than one million dollars?  Have a nice day.  You would be lucky not to have a heart attack. 

What kind of people work at the IRS?  Where is the empathy for any American who failed to file a form that could be rectified with a phone call or letter from an IRS agent?  How can the IRS justify levying $2.7 million fine for failure to file a form?  To ask the question is to answer it.

Frank Chodorov’s classic 1954 book, The Income Tax:  Root of All Evil, is a must read for Americans who want to restore economic freedom in America.  In two years, the 70th anniversary of Chodorov’s book will be celebrated.  We need to have a national dialogue about abolishing the income tax. 

interestingly, the number of Americans who pay no income tax is more than 40%.  Let’s go all the way to 100% of Americans not paying a federal income tax, which would accomplish one of the goals I outlined in my Tax Free 2000.

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