Could Georgia Libertarian candidate Chase Oliver determine who controls the US Senate?


As of this writing Republicans will have at least 49 seats in the Senate next year.  If Republican Adam Laxalt holds on to win the Nevada race, where he is ahead of the incumbent Sen. Cortez Matos by 1 percentage point and Blake Masters does not upset Sen. Kelly in Arizona, then the winner of Georgia runoff between Sen. Warnock and Herschel Walker will determine who controls the Senate. 

What will determine the outcome of the Georgia runoff if it comes down to the GOP needing a win in the Peach State to control the Senate?  The answer is simple, Georgia US Senate Libertarian candidate Oliver Chase. Chase received 81,175 votes on Election Day, while the difference between Warnock (1,941,511 million) and Walker (1,906,261 million), is about 35,000.

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In other words, if Warnock and Walker receive virtually the identical votes in the runoff they received in the general election and if all or most Oliver’s voters cast their ballots for Walker, then Walker becomes the next US Senator from Georgia and the GOP would control the Senate next year.

In short, Chase Oliver holds the balance of power in the Georgia runoff and is the most important Libertarian candidate in this election cycle—and in US history.  Which leads to the obvious question, why should Oliver’s voters support Walker?  Here is where realpolitik comes into play.

Oliver should call both Walker and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and invite them to sit down in Georgia to discuss the runoff.  Oliver should demand he would endorse Walker and rally his supporters to vote for Walker under the following conditions. 

·      The GOP supports defunding aid to Ukraine, blocks Biden’s unilateral undeclared war against Russia and embraces a noninterventionist foreign policy.

·      The GOP begins to cut government spending across the board by hundreds of billions of dollars, especially reducing the bloated military budget. And continues to cut spending until the federal budget is consistent with Article I, Section 8 of the constitution.   

  • Oppose lockdowns, mandatory vaccines and other medical authoritarianism policies.

·      Income tax rates will be cut and cut and cut until the IRS is no longer needed because the income tax would be abolished. 

·      The GOP ends the Federal Reserve’s manipulation of interest rates and the printing of money, the cause of inflation.

·      All unnecessary regulations—which is virtually all encroachments on peaceful business activity– must be abolished. The GOP claims it supports free enterprise.

·      Free trade must be America’s international economic policy.

·      A commonsense immigration policy is implemented.  Immigrants are welcome to America if they have sponsors who will provide them aid instead of taxpayers being on the hook for their well-being, just like my family had sponsors in 1949 when we arrived in America from West Germany.

·      The war on drugs must be ended.  It is a failed policy and drug abuse must be treated as a medical issue not a criminal one.

·      The FBI must be depoliticized, the CIA abolished, and the NSA and other agencies must cease and desist their spying on the American people. 

These are the lines in the sand for Libertarian Chase Oliver and his supporters.   The GOP professes to embrace a limited government platform, which is outlined above.  Now is the time for Republicans to put up or shut up. 

If Walker and McConnell balk at these demands, then they will confirm what I concluded in 1971 when President Nixon imposed wage and price controls, did nothing to roll back the Great Society programs, and continue the Vietnam War, we have a one-party government.  It is called the Washington Party.

Let’s see if Georgia Libertarians use their leverage to make America free again.

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