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Last week, Elon Musk released the internal Twitter files, which showed that the company interfered in the 2020 presidential election by the cancelling the accounts of individuals who posted the New York Post story about Hunter Biden’s laptop.  In fact, the New York Post had its account frozen because it published the Hunter Biden laptop story.

The American media, and that includes social platforms like Twitter and Facebook and other venues, have a “social contract” with the American people. Their mission, should they decide to accept it, is to report the news, without favor to any political party, public official, individual, business, etc. 

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Former congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul minces no words in his recent essay that the totalitarians are in charge of our government in cahoots with virtually all the media and popular social media platforms. 

What should be done to correct this “wrong” regarding the 2020 presidential election?

Former President Donald Trump, who was the target of the disinformation campaign by the media, the FBI and Twitter, called for the suspension of the Constitution so he could be installed as the rightful president. 

Given the unprecedented interference by the main actors during the 2020 presidential campaign the decent thing to do would be to have a “do over” so the American people would have all the information they need to determine who should be president. 

But one thing we do know, the Democrats, the Biden administration, the mainstream media, the FBI are not decent, virtuous, and honest. In fact, they are the enemies of democracy, liberty, limited government, civil liberties, and free enterprise.  And they also support, with neocon Republicans, a belligerent foreign policy. 

Of course, a do over is not going to happen. 

The next best thing would be a poll of the American people based upon the revelation that there was massive interference in the 2020 presidential election.

The American people should be asked one question: Who would you vote for in a do over now that we know that the Biden campaign, the Democratic National Committee, the FBI, the media, all conspired to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story that the New York Post published a few weeks before the election?

If anyone thinks that that is not an “objective” question, then come up with your own question that would allow voters to make an informed decision about whom they would vote for—Trump or Biden? 

The corruption in Washington DC is so wide and deep that nothing less than a “revolt of the masses”—and by that I do not mean any form of violence—to rid us of the evil power-hungry mob that governs us in government with the support of authoritarians in the private sector. 

The American people have been warned in no uncertain terms we have been seeing unfolding—the Democrat’s version of fascism before eyes.  Republicans are also responsible for their unwavering support of the so-called Patriot Act and other anti-liberty policies. 

The real pandemic danger in America is statism. What statists demand is we all must genuflect before Washington DC and not dissent as the egregious assaults on our “democracy” continues.

This begs the question:  where are the honorable men and women serving in Congress and around the country who took an oath to uphold the Constitution and protect the American people’s rights? 

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