GOP debate: the moderators get an F, most of the candidates lacked decorum and gave us soundbites instead of substantive solutions


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“There is a right way and a wrong way, always choose the right way.”  Abraham Sabrin (1914-2001)

“Prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future!”  Niels Bohr

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The moderators lost control of the debate when they allowed candidates to interrupt and talk over each other.

All mics should be muted except for the candidate who is asked a question.  No interruption, no cross talk.  And if a candidate runs over the allotted time to respond to a question, his/her mic would be shut off. 

Instead of having candidates speak in campaign sound bites, moderators should warn them if they do not provide responses/solutions to questions they will lose a turn during the debate.  This way the candidates are put on notice they must not talk in sound bite, but solutions to inflation, spending, taxes, debt, deficits, immigration, healthcare, regulations, civil liberties, military intervention, etc.

Every candidate would get a question on each of these topics so they could lay out their “vision” for the country.  This way all the candidates get equal time, and the voters get to hear what polices make sense.    

I have moderated dozens of symposia and roundtables in my 35-year career at Ramapo College.  And I have been complimented by many panelists including well known financial experts and public officials for being an outstanding moderator.   

Fox News should hire me to be one of the debate moderators.  I would ask the questions that primary voters need answers to make an informed decision and have a courteous debate.

As far as the candidates’ responses, performance, etc., Pence was awful, no substance; Tim Scott sounded like he was on uppers; Doug Burgum made some good points about healthcare and Biden’s disastrous EV industrial policy; Nikki Haley’s warmongering was on full display and was rude; Vivek is the only candidate to mention the Federal Reserve but was no Ron Paul in his criticism; Chris Christie asserted “government spending” causes inflation, not true, it’s the Fed’s money printing, he did however called out Trump for the $7 trillion of budget deficits he added to the national debt; DeSantis was better than the last debate and had several good responses. 

On immigration, the candidates missed a great opportunity to offer the Sabrin solution to the millions of migrants who are not following the rules like my parents did in 1949 when we arrived in America as immigrants from West Germany. 

If you arrive in America without coming through the front door, your status would be “permanent resident,” if you remain in the country.  This means you would never become a citizen and you could not vote.  No exemptions.  Progressive heads would explode. 

If you have any contacts at Fox News, I can be reached at [email protected].  I would set the standard for a debate moderator. 


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