Guest commentary by Richard Alan Merkt, “A Banana Republic”


“Banana Republic” is a pejorative term for a despotic government ruled by a dictator who imprisons political adversaries, suppresses a free press, and misuses his power to enrich himself and his family.  It originated in the many Central and South American nations controlled by strongmen during the 19th and 20th centuries.  Typically, such nations’ armed forces dutifully played the role of Enforcer, and justice – such as it was – depended entirely on who you were.

The late, unlamented Hugo Chavez was a classic example of a Banana Republic dictator in Venezuela, once one of South America’s wealthiest and best educated nations before he took over.  After Chavez died, one of his lackeys (Nicolas Maduro) assumed the sash of “El Presidente” and, as replacement dictator, continues to this day demolition of the Venezuelan people’s liberty and economy.

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But, as we have seen of late, Banana Republics are not confined to Central or South America.  Vladimir Putin has turned the Russian Federation into one huge Banana Republic. His behavior follows the classic despotic model to a “t,”  with him “progressing” from “President” to dictator-for-life.  He arrested (or killed) his political opposition; he just arrested a Wall Street Journal reporter for “espionage,” and he is now one of the richest people on the planet, thanks to his control over Gazprom, Russia’s largest energy producer.

Which brings us to Joe Biden.  His regime is about to arrest his chief rival for political power for supposed “crimes against the people.”  It has silenced news coverage critical of Biden and his relatives, and selectively prosecuted those whom it deems “enemies of the state.”  Justice in America has unequivocally fallen into a double standard, with prosecution or immunity determined by political favoritism.  In addition, Biden’s family and most likely Biden himself (according to his son’s emails) have grown wealthy thanks to millions of dollars in concealed payments from the Communist Chinese Party, Russia, Ukraine, and other countries.  To paraphrase an old Latin maxim, “Res ipsa loquitur” — the facts speak for themselves.

During the 20th century, rule by dictators caused warfare, economic collapse, and suffering, because despots didn’t care what their people wanted, nor were they accountable to those they ruled.  Let us hope that Americans today will prove more determined to preserve the legacy of self-government handed down to us by past generations.

Most people now get it that Joe Biden is not merely some harmless old dolt occupying the Oval Office.  He is the veneer covering for unseen — and unelected – rulers now calling the shots in America.  This has transformed the Presidency into a junta and, before our very eyes, relegated us to Banana Republic status. The question is, will the American People stand for this, or will they demand a return to a real Republic?  Which begs a further urgent query: How will government “of the People, by the People, and for the People” be restored?

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