How to replace the welfare state


The American people donated a record $3.1 billion for charities this past week, proving once again they are the most charitable people on Earth, despite the inflation that is making it difficult for millions of families to make ends meet.  Thank you, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell and his fellow “legal counterfeiters.”

For more than three decades I have been advocating that individuals receive a tax credit, instead of tax deduction for every dollar donated to a 501(c) 3 organization that provides nonprofit services such as education, healthcare, food banks, pregnancy crisis counselling, etc. 

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Thirty-one years ago, Peter Drucker’s Wall Street Journal essay outlined the case for replacing the welfare state with the nonprofit sector.  It is a must read.   Please share it with everyone you know and with your local, state and federal officials.

If the tax code were tweaked, the welfare state could be phased out over 5-10 years, if not sooner. Who would not want to see (some? most?) of their income tax dollars going to help nonprofits in their communities instead of DC Leviathan?

As President Biden would say, Come on man, get real.  Which is better, the welfare-warfare state or voluntary associations? To ask the question is to answer it.   

I first proposed the tax credit proposal in my 1995 book, Tax Free 2000: The Rebirth of American Liberty. Hopefully, this idea will sweep the country very soon.

When I lived in New Jersey I donated to three nonprofit health centers that are providing free medical care to low-income residents in their communities.  They are BVMI, Zarephath Health Center, and the Parker Family Health Center.  I still donate to these wonderful nonprofits even though we live in Florida.  Donating for a great cause is addicting!

I also am an annual supporter of the Mises Institute, the Future of Freedom Foundation, the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, and the Brownstone Institute.  I have known the founders of each organization for decades and they are doing indispensable work for the liberty movement. I also have donated to other nonprofits as well, such as the Sabrin Center for Free Enterprise.

When America becomes a free society once again—and it will—it will be because of the vision of Lew Rockwell, Jacob Hornberger, Ron Paul and Jeffrey Tucker and countless others. 

I hope to increase my support of the above-mentioned organizations with royalties from my autobiography, which is doing well, #8 in the Political Freedom New Release category.  Getting to number 1 in both Kindle and in paperback would grab the attention of the media and others. 

The publisher has priced my autobiography so it is not only affordable for literally everyone, and with the holidays coming up an inexpensive gift especially for young people. 

One of the themes of my story is perseverance and having a PMA (positive mental attitude).   When you read my journey, you will understand how I dealt with several challenges that could have derailed my life. 

Everyone faces challenges during their lifetime and coping with them is one of them is the key to a fulfilled life. 

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