Nikki Haley wants to be warmonger in chief


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“There is a right way and a wrong way, always choose the right way.”  Abraham Sabrin (1914-2001)

Right on cue, the Wall Street Journal editorial lauded US aid to Ukraine in its criticism of Vivek Ramaswamy who correctly stated in the GOP presidential debate that the Zelensky regime is “not a priority for the United States.” Horrors of horrors. Funneling more than $100 billion of military and financial aid to Ukraine, all of which has to be borrowed, is the worst non direct military intervention debacle since the Cuban Missile crisis of October 1962, when the US and the Soviet Union came this close to a nuclear exchange over the placement of missiles 90 miles off the coast of Florida.

The Biden administration is putting the US on the precipice of a nuclear war with Russia. One would think that anyone who wants to live in a peaceful world, both the Journal editorial page and Kimberley Strassel, in her column, would urge all the GOP presidential candidates to call for a diplomatic solution to the Ukraine conflict.

Although Strassel claims Haley and Pence were the “adults” on the Milwaukee debate stage because they support unequivocally an open ended commitment to Ukraine, why didn’t the usual level headed journalist on domestic issues go all in for the neocon interventionist policy that enriches the military-industrial complex and undermines US national security?

Strassel and the other neocons at the Journal editorial board are just regurgitating the lies and faculty analysis of Russia’s conflict with Ukraine.

And the real “adults” in America who dissect the Ukraine conflict with facts and sound military and political analysis, Doug Macgregor and Philip Girardi, take to task the neoconservatives who never saw a war they did not like.

Although the 2024 election may hinge on the state of the economy, the Ukraine conflict will resonate with voters if the US and NATO take a step closer to direct military conflict with Russia.

Why didn’t former Nikki Haley, the US UN representative, state during the debate diplomacy must be the foremost method to deal with national disputes? She has drunk the neocon Kool-Aid. In short, Haley wants to be the warmonger in chief on January 20, 2025 to the delight of the warmongers across the political spectrum.


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