The real systemic racism in America explained


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A headline on page 3 in last Thursday’ Naples News, “Suit: DeSantis map harmed Black voters,” speaks volume about the obsession with race in America.

The lawsuit stems from the assertion by several civil rights groups that the latest congressional district map endorsed by Republican Gov. DeSantis eliminated a district held by a black Democrat.  This seat, District 5, was previously “carved out” to give the heavily populated black population in Jacksonville the opportunity to elect “one of their own” to Congress

Geographically, this district was an example of gerrymandering based on race across the northern tier of the Sunshine State.  The latest Florida congressional districts are geographically “compact,” which makes sense because citizens in a contiguous geographic area tend to have the same interests than individuals who live hundreds of miles from each other.

The genesis of having black dominated congressional seats is traced to the 1965 Voting Rights Act, which the New York Times summarized, “The Voting Rights Act of 1965 forbids ‘dilution’ of the votes of people of color: Maps may not be drawn to limit such voters’ ability to elect their own representatives.” 

Let this sink in.  Black voters should/must be represented by a black representative in the House.  In other words, selecting representatives should be first and foremost based on race (but only for blacks)—the epitome of racialism.

Should there be Irish-Catholic, Hispanic, Asian, Italian, Jewish, gay and lesbian representatives based on race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc.?  Absurd. 

Having observed the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s, the emphasis was to eliminate race as a consideration in public policy and private transactions, to pass and enforce so-called anti-discrimination laws to prevent business from discriminating in the marketplace and in hiring in the workplace.   

Instead, the “new civil rights” is based on racialism.  This is creating polarization like we have never seen before in America.  Yes, slavery was abhorrent, Jim Crow laws were despicable and civil rights legislation was supposed to correct the injustices of the past so racial harmony would reign in America. 

Ironically, there is more racial animus today nearly 60 years after the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. 

Race has become a political bludgeon to cancel and demonize critics of race based public policies.  Enough is enough. 

We are witnessing the demise of civil society and the rise of the mob.  The looting in Philadelphia is the latest example of black youths on a rampage.  Which begs the question, what values have their parents taught them? 

The political left in America needs chaos to increase their statist policies—more redistribution of income to “fight poverty.”  The best anti-poverty program is a two-parent family.  

Nevertheless, the left will continue to fan the flames of racial tension because it is in their political interests and ideological perspective to be obsessed with race. 

Everyone who values individuality, property rights, civil liberties and free markets must denounce the race hustlers who want to turn America into a racialist based country.   


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