The Trump indictment, Covid vaccine and the income tax


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Former congressman and Reagan budget director David Stockman lays out the case against the indictment. He also discusses the country’s nightmarish federal spending spree as well the monetary disaster that is unfolding.

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Attorney Robert Barnes presents an extensive analysis of the Trump indictment beginning at the 8-minute mark.  Barnes also weighs in on the RFK Jr. announcement that he will seek the Democratic presidential nomination and reveals “dirt” on DeSantis that the media will use against a potential presidential campaign.

Last night (April 6), I was on the Jayne Carroll show discussing the Trump indictment–Politics-Podcasts/The-Jayne-Carroll-Show-p65581/

Clinical psychologist Joe Sansone has been active politically in Florida and the author of the Lee County resolution citing the Covid vaccine a bio weapon, which is now being passed by other Republican counties around the state.

And the author of the 1989 bioweapon treaty, law professor Francis Boyle, endorsed the resolution with a powerful statement.  See

Mind Matters and Everything Else with Dr. Joseph Sansone
World’s Leading Legal Authority on Biological Weapons Endorses Florida GOP County Parties’ Ban The Jab Resolution, as Written
NOTE: Lee, Collier, and Lake County Florida GOPs passed identical ban the jab resolutions that I authored. These resolutions declare Covid 19 injections biological and technological weapons, call for thier confiscation, and forensic audits of thier contents…
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This year April 18 not the 15th is the income tax deadline.  We have three more days to get our financial records together to file a 1040, an egregious violation of our privacy. 

The Biden administration’s additional massive funding of the IRS will put more Americans under the taxman’s microscope,

The income tax should be abolished for numerous reasons as I and others have been advocating for decades.  My Tax Free 2000 lays out the case abolishing all taxes.    

On of my former students posted a review and begins by misinterpreting my proposal to deal with serious crimes.  I outlined the case for the “Australian solution”—sending violent criminals back to their ancestral homelands, not as the reviewer writes to send people back “to where they came from.”  He did not put my proposal in context.  This is another example of cherry picking a quote to make an author look bad.   (There is a very interesting backstory to the linked essay that I write about in my memoir.)

On April 29th I will be speaking at the Libertarian Party Mises Caucus in Austin, TX, one stop in the Human Action Tour.  See if there is an upcoming one in your area,

My latest piece on the economy was published in Fortune,  This is an update of my 2021 forecast, 

Happy Easter.  Hopefully, “Catholic” Joe Biden will embrace the teachings of Jesus,, especially his teachings about war and peace.

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Murray’s Newsletter is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and support my work, consider becoming a free or paid subscriber.

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