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Let’s just come out and say what everybody knows, namely that Claudine Gay was named President of Harvard because she’s a black woman.

There isn’t a soul on earth who doesn’t on some level realize this, including President Gay herself.

Oh, some people pretend not to. A “Harvard University Black Faculty Letter Supporting President Claudine Gay” is outraged that anyone could think such a thing: “Any suggestion that her selection as president was the result of a process that elevated an unqualified person based on considerations of race and gender [is] specious and politically motivated.”

But as Eric Weinstein said in response, “No one smart is buying this anymore. Your spell is breaking.”

Had Gay fit just about any other demographic profile, her lackluster academic record would have prevented her from even being considered for the role, much less selected.

She was granted tenure at Stanford with four peer-reviewed articles.

She has published a grand total of 11 in her entire academic career.

Geoffrey Miller, a psychology professor at the University of New Mexico, writes:

That’s about the number you’d normally need to get hired as a first-year tenure-track assistant professor at a decent state university.

It’s the number I published in the 12 months before I got tenure.

It’s about the number that my more workaholic colleagues publish every year, decade after decade, throughout their careers.

And on the basis of those 11 articles she was made PRESIDENT OF HARVARD UNIVERSITY.

But rest assured, her “race and gender” had nothing to do with it.

And this is all without the added complication of the plagiarism.

On that front, even the New York Times has abandoned her, having just published an article that prominently features five damning examples of academic dishonesty by Gay.

A new complaint has just been filed by a professor (not at Harvard) who for obvious reasons wishes to remain anonymous, outlining 40 examples of plagiarism by the beleaguered Harvard president.

(Now Claudine Gay had all these problems even before her ill-starred congressional testimony, and there should have been precisely as much interest in it before that testimony as there was afterward.)

Meanwhile, this mediocrity has not hesitated to launch racialist, ideologically driven campaigns against the majority population. 

Writes ZeroHedge:

Gay commissioned a Task Force on Visual Culture and Signage, which released a series of recommendations the following year for engaging in the “historical reckoning with racial injustice.” The recommendations included a mandate to change “spaces whose visual culture is dominated by homogenous portraiture of white men.”

…In 2022, Gay implemented an initiative at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences for “denaming” any “space, program, or other entity” deemed racist by the faculty and administration…. As part of this project, Gay sent an email to the Faculty of Arts and Sciences community soliciting “requests for denaming,” promising to address the situation “through the lens of reckoning.”

These are but small examples of what has been called “a sprawling DEI bureaucracy” erected by Gay, pushing dumb and ahistorical left-wing platitudes as a semi-official ideology of the university and making an obsession with race central to admissions and hiring.

Now imagine the kind of person you would have to be, after receiving the level of privilege the mediocrity Claudine Gay has from guilt-ridden white liberals, to devote your energies to defaming the majority of the people in a country that has bent over backwards to accommodate you, bestowing opportunities and honors upon you that no other country on Earth would even consider. Whatever that would say about you, it wouldn’t be favorable.

One benefit of all this is that people are now openly telling the truth about someone like a President Gay, when for so long it’s been forbidden to notice the obvious.

Even without the problem of President Gay, Harvard is a mess. It’s much, much worse than it was when I was there 30 years ago. Just yesterday I cited a poll saying that “94 percent of surveyed Harvard students said they have self-censored in conversations with their peers before; 88 percent have felt they could not express an opinion because of how others would respond; and 36 percent reported being more likely to self-censor now than when they started at Harvard.”

Combine that with the crazy ideology at the top, and does that sound like a place where you’d learn the truth?

But you know you can trust ol’ Woods here for the truth.

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Murray’s Newsletter is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and support my work, consider becoming a free or paid subscriber.



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