Joining CONK! Live

You have been invited to participate as a guest on CONK! Live. You need no special software to do this: only a web browser (Google Chrome is recommended, but Mozilla Firefox will also work), a camera and a microphone on your device. (If you’re on an iPhone or iPad – that is, an iOS device – please see the note below.)

Click on the button below to enter our virtual studio. (NB, do not bookmark the resulting screen; its address changes for every broadcast.) You will then check your camera and mic: make certain your camera image appears in the big square, and that your microphone level changes when you talk. (If you have to, click on the “Cam/Mic” button to change either or both.)

Then type your name in the “Display Name” field (whatever you type here will display under your image during the broadcast) and click “Enter Broadcast Studio”. (It helps to wear earbuds or headphones so you don’t get any audio echo; and If you’re on your phone, make sure to hold it as steady as possible.)

On the subsequent screen you’ll see the live broadcast in the big monitor window, and your camera image (and those of other participants) underneath it . The screen will change and a note will appear when the host adds you to the live feed.

Whatever the topic of conversation, please make sure to enjoy yourself – and thanks for participating in CONK! Live!

This system works on all devices running the Windows, Mac and Android operating systems.
If your device is running iOS (i.e.,  iPhones and iPads):

– You MUST use the Safari web browser ONLY; and
You must be using iOS version 12.2 or later
(released March 2019)