13 American Service Members | LIVE, Breaking Analysis as Chaos in Kabul Unfolded—with Dr. Keith Rose, Victor Marx, and Jack Posobiec

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When news broke this morning that four US Marines were killed in Kabul—reported first on this program, exclusively—Charlie huddled the best and brightest in the country and beyond to give their analysis of the unfolding situation in Afghanistan. In this special episode of the Charlie Kirk Show, Dr. Keith Rose, Jack Posobiec, and Victor Marx, as well as Producer Andrew, join Charlie in unpacking the news as it breaks. As the broadcast began, the death toll among US service members was at four, when it ended—it was tragically three times higher. Dr. Rose, Jack, and Victor walk through the reasons why this was all avoidable, how Joe Biden and his regime are solely responsible for this catastrophe, and what needs to happen next, on this, the deadliest day for American troops in over a decade. Tune in to this entire episode for an in-depth break down of Joe Biden’s fatal blunder. 

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