1950s America Compared to 2020s – From Stability to Chaos

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America in the 1950s and how America became splintered; Comparing the 1950s to the 2020s; Are you getting together with your family this Thanksgiving? How affirmative action has affected people; Voters oppose affirmative action-even in states with large Hispanic populations; Dog-owners are 78% more likely to catch Covid, study claims – as experts rate risky activities; Geo-location of the audience of the Savage Nation Podcast; Crazy libs can’t tell you how they have actually suffered under Trump; The deep state and their unified effort to get rid of Trump; George Soros has a documentary coming out and he addresses ‘right-wing conspiracy theories’ about him. is he as evil as people say? Biden running down his Thanksgiving guest list and saying wearing a mask is patriotic; Savage pays the price for not paying attention to how his chicken was cooked; Savage talks with his audience on Periscope.

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